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This is our little corner of the internet we can stand united and talk about what is really on our hearts.


Have you ever sat down and felt utterly lost?

Like you really don’t have it together when everyone else does and you start to wonder if it’s just you?


I’m here to say that no, it’s not you.


This crazy world has a way of pulling us down to believe lies about who we are not.


If you need a little encouragement to get through the day,

a little reason to keep going,

a little confidence boost in your day then hangout here a while.


I believe that there is a God who is actively and strongly pursuing a relationship with you.


Yes Y-O-U.

And that is true if you are the girl with 20,000 social media followers.

Or the girl with only two friends IRL. . .

God is calling you to come forward in your relationship with him.

Are you willing listen?