Hi There!


My Name is Sarena,

I LOVE to help you change your life in the smallest of ways.

Daily habits, mindset shifts, and learning new ideas can have a huge impact on your entire life and your future.

Let me be your guide as you transform your life and chase after those gigantic dreams.

You know, the things that play out in your head but you’re too afraid to speak?

Yeah, I help with that.

So whatever that THING is for you.


Wanna be a Youtuber?

AWESOME GIRL. I support you in that.

Wanna be a professional chef and open up your own restaurant in Italy?

YES AWESOME. I’ll be your #1 Cheerleader and taste tester.

I’m here to be that little spark of encouragement and be your reminder that you got this. 


Uhhhh but really though…. who even are u?

Well I’m a motivational speaker, Podcast Host, an optimist who is 

obsessed with personal growth,  and a girl with crazy ideas.


Most days you can find me, sipping my daily vanilla latte in my office

or sitting on the couch rewatching Gilmore Girls.  If I’m not at one of those places then I’m somewhere traveling with my photographer husband. I’m a storyteller, avid reader, and lover of bubble baths, and cozy nights in.


Let’s be friends.

Stalk me on the gram, binge listen to the podcast, or send me a good ol’ email.

Whatever suits you.

I’m so grateful for you stopping by.

Sarena Hess