Ep. 30 Alex Centomo

I can’t get over how awesome it is that a Podcast means to sit and talk with people I admire and hear about their stories.

As fate would have it I got to meet Alex when she was looking for a videographer.

Ben and I did the video for Alex and her now husband Dan.

Here’s a link to the wedding video.

When I started social media at first, a lot of people made fun of me.

When Alex started Youtube and social media, a lot of people made fun of me.

At first, When I was doing social media, no one had made a career of it.

Like that wasn’t an option yet. People thought it was weird for me to be putting my

life online for everyone too see.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

In this episode we talk about

  • Her work for Brandy Melville social Media which boosted her following.
  • How Alex became known as the hair girl from Tumblr.
  • The first company that reached out to her.
  • And how she realized that she could actually turn this into her career.

Alex clears up some common misconceptions that people have about being a full time social media influencer.


I wanted to be a physiotherapist or a lifeguard.


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