3 Easy Tips for Self-care


We look in the mirror and feel well, nothing.

Here are three tips for you when you’re having a BLAH day…


    1. Digital Detox. 

Leave your phone in a room.

Or promise yourself you will stay off of it for a few hours.

When we are constantly flooding our mind with information it gets easy overwhelmed.

The best way to relax your mind and to understand

how you feel is sometimes to take a step back from

our beloved, Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest.

How to write a love letter to yourself    2.  Write yourself a love letter. 

Okay this sounds a little cheesy, but hear me out.

Think about the types of conversations we have in our minds during the day.

All day long we have these thoughts that are negative about ourselves.

This is why we need to spend focused time thinking about ways to love ourself instead of only focusing on the negatives.

    3. Write Your “Fill List”. 

Another great way to look at caring for yourself a little more is write down the things you enjoy.

Some examples could include:

Going on walks

Taking Bubble Baths

Reading good books

A trip to the beach.

After making your list of about 10-20 items that you really enjoy doing

study that list carefully.

Have you done any of those things on that list recently? 

Life often times gets really busy and we have less time for the things that fill us up.

But when we have them written down as a reminder we can

prioritize them in our schedules more often.


I hope you try one of these Self-Care tips this week.

Be blessed!

Sarena Hess


The Jesus Life

The Jesus Life

Look, I get it.

You’re a busy girl.

You have school, friends, homework, jobs, family,

all the things. 

Prioritizing the things that actually matter in your life can be hard.

Here, I just wanted to provide a space where you can press pause on the business of life and do a heart check on where you are in life right now.


So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.


Sarena Hess

How To Have MORE JOY in Your Life


Hellloooo world!

I want to share with you my video about having more joy.

I think that joy and happiness is a term

that is thrown around but doesn’t mean as

much any more.


To have joy is to feel content in your heart and to be at rest.

Here is my tip to having more joy in your life DAILY.


Click the picture Below to watch the video. 🙂

Simplest way to have More JOY




Sarena Hess