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Laaaadies and gentlemen!

Meet Kaylee Garber.


Kaylee’s life is filled with meaningful work.

  • She currently is the Marketing Coordinator and Administrative Assistant at the Psychiatric Center in Bakersfield.
  • Is the Secretary for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.
  • Is a counselor for the Suicide Crisis texting hotline.

While Kaylee’s life may appear glamorous on Instagram and like she is always prancing in fields or modeling with pizza, she has been through a lot.

Here’s a slideshow of some of Kaylee’s pizza pictures for your enjoyment. 

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She is a bright, positive light and shares openly about her life and some of her darkest moments and struggles.

At 20 years old she was couch hopping, living in her car, and staying at campsites.

Had a boyfriend who was addicted to drugs.

Then, she got into a major car accident at the time which changed her life forever.

Here are a few pictures from that accident.




After the accident, she felt something inside of her well up and say,

you are here on purpose and there is still work to be done.

Kaylee is one of the most positive and happy girls you will find on Instagram and in this podcast we go on the journey of how she got to the place she is in now.

This episode empowering and I’m so blessed to have had Kaylee as a guest.

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 Thank you for listening to the show! 🙂

Sarena Hess

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