Our Queen of The Week is Britny Boos! 

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This sweet little lady is a middle school counselor by day and a moonlight calligrapher.

In 2015 she become the ultimate DIY bride. 

On a hunt to learn calligraphy,

Britny drove down to Orange County by herself for the day.

She attended a workshop led a calligrapher she loved on Instagram and left inspired.

This is where her passion for lettering sparked. 

She has built up their calligraphy business creating the most beautiful pieces.

Things that Britny loves includes her pup, her obsession with tea, and being creative.


unnamed-3We get honest in this episode about Imposter Syndrome. 

The struggle of feeling like you’re not good enough with what you’re doing.

Of doubting yourself and wondering if you’ll ever be enough.

Britny also talks about finding grace with yourself. Turning off the pressure not to be perfect. 

I hope you dive in and enjoy this episode.

                                                                Follow Her on Instagram: bnb_calligraphy

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Until next Wednesday friends! 🙂

Sarena Hess

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