Today you get to meet Emily!

IMG_3421She’s an Ohio babe and is so stinking proud of her state!

Emily felt in a little creative rut working in the fashion industry.

So she started her own thing. While working she created her blog.

Now called Vino in The Village as a creative outlet for her to do something she loved.

Her main goal is to have women feel better about their everyday lives.

Whether that’s through a new outfit that’s on sale, or through a coffee recipe.

In this episode we cover: 

-Tips for getting out of the the comparison game

“Here I am on this amazing honeymoon and I still

feel like my experience isn’t as good as this girl on instagram.”

-How she met her husband and her first impression of her husband.

– How to handle and grow through insecurities.

– How we see ourselves shapes what we do in the world.

– How to balance social media usage so that it doesn’t negatively affect the relationships around you.

“We don’t want our phones to ever become a distraction from our relationship.” 

-We learn about how a teen vogue magazine shaped her life at 14 years old.

– How to stop overanalyzing ourselves.

-Her biggest tips to accomplishing your big scary goals.

How to style the perfect instagram outfit. 

At the end of the day I knew that if I wanted this to happen, I had to teach myself how this was going to happen.

Your everyday normal life is extraordinary in it’s own way. 

Follow her on Instagram: @emilyvdy

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Check out her blog: Vino in the Village

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Until next week friends,

thank you for checking out this week’s episode!

Sarena Hess


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