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Every so often Ashley gets girls that slide into her Dm’s.

“OMG your life is so perfect.”

“UGH I wish I had what you have.”

While these Dm’s were meant as compliments,

it made Ashley think…

IMG_4355 2.JPG

“You have no idea what I’ve been through.

And my life is not perfect.”

This episode we talk about sharing your story.

The importance of sharing your truth.

We talk about Ashley’s healing from child sexual abuse

“I hated being home and I would get so much anxiety at the end of a school day.”

She shares personal stories about how Jimmy would force

Ashley and her sister to write thousands of sentences.

Often taking hours and hours to complete.

Moving from school to school.

And being sexually abused from a young age.

She shares her story of how telling the truth of what was happening.

After 3 years of enduring abuse.

This episode is all about embracing your story and changing your life.

IMG_4354 2

We talk about the difference in mindset between Victim Mindset and Survivor Mindset.

Ashley hopes that in sharing her story it gives others the permission to share their stories too.

If you are struggling with abuse and need someone to talk to,

feel free to message Ashley,

Also, consider talking with a counselor.

The book she recommended in the podcast is The book “The Courage to Heal.”

For more information on Ashley’s story please visit her blog post.

In closing…

It’s okay to share your story.

Don’t be ashamed of what happened to you.

You are more than your past.

You are a Survivor.

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Until next Wednesday friends.

Sarena Hess

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