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Meet Taylor Simpson.

This girl my friends, is incredible.

She brings vibrant life and energy wherever

she goes and sprinkles it on the entire world.

TSimpsonPhotoTaylor formerly the self proclaimed

captain of the hot mess express.

Taylor spent her college years chasing happiness.

Landed her dream job on Capital Hill in Washington DC and then for the United Nations.

After working for the UN for 2 years she started getting panic attacks on sunday nights.

On the outside everything looked perfect.

On the inside: panic attacks, social anxiety, and a shopping addiction,

“I’m so sick of feeling like crap all the time”

She read one book:

The power of now book.

And her life began to change.


Why do you think you’re not worthy enough to transform your life?

Limiting beliefs.

I thought they were my truth

My core beliefs were:

I have no confidence

I’m an insecure and shy person.

When you allow a limiting belief to keep you from changing lives,

you’re being selfish.

We talk about removing negative beliefs.

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worksheet that goes along with this episode. 

How to stay high energy all day?

Allow yourself 5-10 minutes of feeling that way.

It’s  up to YOU to grab every single day and use it to the fullest.

Stay in a peak state and keep your levels high.

Don’t waste a day.

Choose to show  up as a person that you want to be.

Taylor’s Morning Routine

journaling, intention setting, affirmation, visualization,

20 minutes of meditation, read her “why”, her goals.

I don’t want to waste a day where I don’t try to inspire at least one person.

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Until next week friends.

Sarena Hess

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