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This week you get to meet Molly.

Who had a unique experience after going on a mission trip to Liberia.

I wasn’t sure why, but I knew I needed to go back.


She quickly decided she’d have to go back.

Not sure when.

Not sure how.

Just sure she would go.

People thought she was crazy.

They told her not to go.

That she was too young.

But she was too bold to be afraid. 

At 19 she found herself on an airplane alone preparing for a 2

month Mission trip to various orphanage homes in Liberia.


Molly thought about the orphanage all the time.

After her second trip, She did an experiment.

How much were the kids really eating?

She ate what she saw the kids eat in one day.

Molly was shocked.

If the little kids are eating this in a day and i’m not even full by this meal.

Then I need to provide more meals for them.

Molly made them her responsibility.


So, she started to get the word out.

She posted on Facebook.

Started telling people at her church about these kids.

And people started donating.

She started with messy action.


But she didn’t let the details slow her down.

I took very small steps.

If I saw a need in front of me, I would help.

Molly and her husband are so incredible.

They even started a videography + Photography business to pay for their plane tickets to Liberia.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • How to see the people around you.
  • How can we develop the skill of listening?
  • Through relationships is your best opportunity to share the gospel. 
  • The story of  her friend, Rufus.
  • How she got to see first hand her seeds planting in his life changed his life.
  • How can we practically stand side by side with people.

No matter if you’re helping orphans in Liberia or if you are just raising your children. If you’re doing either one of those for the sake of the gospel, then you are a Woman of Greatness.

Follow Molly on Insta: @Mollymkoon

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Follow Her Nonprofit: @standingsidebyside

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I hope you enjoyed this episode.

She inspires me!

Until next week friends!

Sarena Hess

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