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If you were to tell me that you’ve never compared yourself to someone else, or had self doubt, I would call you a liar.

Sorry, but I would.

I think every human on this Earth has experienced the gross feeling of being low on yourself.

In this episode we unpack practical ways to finally get rid of self doubt and comparison.

What we’re insecure about personally we look for in other people.

For example if you feel like you have a big nose, you look at other people’s noses more.


There is a reason why you are the way you are…

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We can’t walk up to different body parts and tell them they aren’t needed anymore.

And we also can’t have 10 different feet for only 1 body.

So, what can you do?

1. Where did that doubt, or negative thought come from?


2. Compare yourself to realistic examples.

Don’t compare yourself to the life you made up for someone online.

Don’t compare yourself to an unrealistic standard.


3. Take Space

Find out what your triggers are.

When do you compare yourself?

Example triggers can be a certain friend group, your family, Instagram.


Doubt Paralyzes you from any improvement or growth.

Just remember, if she can do it, SO CAN YOU.



How do we beat it?

  1. Affirmations 

Create a list about the type of person you want to be and remember about yourself.

Be in your own corner.

Are you going to at least fight for yourself? 

2. Different Path

You have to remember they are doing something different than you.

You can’t compare yourself to someone on a totally different journey.

Stay in your purpose.

Love you all,

Talk next week.


Sarena Hess

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