Danielle is an Actor, Director, Producer, and Fit Model.


But the real love story started with acting.

Danielle got casted as a background character for the movie Public Enemies  with Johnny Depp.

From that first time of being on a real set, Danielle was hooked. She quickly learned that these movie directors and producers were making magic.

And she wanted to be a part of it.

Moving to LA at 21 Danielle was on a mission to make Magic.

Danielle got a Notepad and filled it with the loosest connections.

She relied on this notepad of people that she never had met.

She was insanely brave to reach out via email, or phone call.

Danielle says God winked at her and randomly plopped an old aquantence to be Danielle’s roommate.

Her sister is a designer for the biggest Hosier (Socks and stuff) company in the entire world.

You kinda have this weird moment where it’s like,

I can’t not do this thing.

IMG_2521 2.jpg

Danielle got so real with her goals and where she was going in life that she had to take her acting career seriously.

Danielle was faced with a moment where you either step up, or you step down and walk away.

I  this episode you’ll learn how to successfully network, how to learn from leaders.

“Any room that you walk into, and you’re trying to achieve greatness, you HAVE to listen. And you have to think to yourself, that you aren’t as good at this as this person that’s speaking, but you want to be.”

We also get an inside scoop on what modeling for Guess is like.

“They measure me from my chest, to my waist, to my thighs, to my knees, to my calves, to my ankles, to my biceps.”

I hope you enjoy the episode this week!

Sarena Hess

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