Today I got to sit down and chit chat with one of the most inspiring people I know. Morgan Pence.

Morgan and I dived deeply into what it looks like to work doing something that you love doing.

Morgan shared some of her personal experiences with other people opinions of her goals and how that influenced her to never say no to her dreams.

Morgan shares about her experience about growing up in a home that wasn’t perfect and how choosing the right attitude and mindset can have a powerful impact on the outcome of your life.

If you want to connect with Morgan you can find her on Instagram.

Her account is @morganpinchie and she is basically the cutest thing ever.Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 6.52.23 PM

If you have any ideas for future episodes or people you want me to interview, comment below or email me at with your thoughts!

Until next time friends!

Sarena Hess

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