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So here’s the story…

Kayla shot a wedding and had no idea what she was doing. Then she took pictures of her niece to model for photos. Shortly after Kayla enrolled into the university of Youtube and started learning.

Then, She job hopped: In and Out Burger. Europhoria. Accounting Firm. Then got licensed in life, health casualty.

In this episode she talks about:

  • How did Kayla “know” that photography was her “thing.”
  • She opens up about her mom’s death. What she learned from it over 10 years ago, and what it has taught her about what she does now with photography.
  • How she finds the motivation to keep going in busy seasons. I make non-negotiable for myself.
  • The secret that her dad ingrained in her and her sisters that gets you places. *hint* It’s not just the luck of the draw.
  • And lastly, She gives tangible tips to avoid burnout when you really love your job.


Sarena Hess 

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