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April is a military spouses, a mother of 2, a business strategist and a VA coach for military spouses. She is a woman who is focused and on a mission to take over the world I’m pretty sure. 😉

Phew, that sounds like a lot right?

In this interview we take a lot of twists and turns in April’s life to understand how she got to where she is today. From the moment she went into labor, at 26 weeks. Which totally rocked her world.

We talk about how scary and unknown events can change your life.

Other things we talk about in this interview include:

  • We talk about how she dove into the world of being a Virtual assistant, and she started.
  • April shares what a virtual assistant actually is and does.
  • We dive into specific strategies to overcome people pleasing.
  • Including April’s Lipstick mirror reminders.
  • It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to have different expectations.
  • How in a healthy way you can gain control of situations.

I hope this episodes was helpful and inspiring for you as you chase your side hustle and business.

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And until next week, Keep on pursuing your greatness.

XO, Sarena.

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