In the last month the number of nights I’ve been in a hotel or air bnb outweighs the number of nights I’ve slept in my own bed.

I’ve been on the road like crazy.

And while I’m so blessed to be able to travel this much, it can take a serious toll on your body

Coming home from an indulgent vacation you kinda feel like the pillsberry Dough boy.

A little pudgy.


Like you can’t even focus.

In the past few weeks I’ve racked my brain for my best travel hacks.


This is going to sound so weird, but B vitamins are great for mental focus, clarity for the brain, and they give you a boost of energy.

These are the ones I use.

I probably sound like a mom, take your vitamins kids. But it’s so true.

It’s awesome to be on vacation or traveling but when you’re sick,

everything is harder.

It’s harder to wake up early.

Harder to focus.

Harder to think.

And because you are a busy woman and people are depending on you. You need to remember to take care of your immune system and energy levels.


Staying hydrated while traveling is so important.

Chances are if you’re traveling you’re eating more salty snacks or some indulgent treats.

If you’re in colder weather or higher altitude your body requires more water.

You NEED water to wash ya out!

So go in and buy the biggest H20 possible.

Trust me. I know it seems a little extra, but it’s a great reminder to drink your water.


  1. Changing my CANDY mindset.

Personally, I’m addicted to sugar.

No like it’s a problem.

When I see candy at the gas station my mind is triggered.

I reach for my sour patch watermelons.

Buy em.

And then eat the entire bag.

And then have an insane stomach ache.

And then throw up in the middle of the night.

Now, I’m not saying candy is the devil.

By all means enjoy some candy every now and then.

But for me, candy doesn’t have to go hand in hand with travel.

If I’m on the road more than I’m at home, then I need to bring healthier habits on the road too.



I can be totally scatterbrained.

My journal keeps all my ideas and thoughts together.

People I want to contact.

Events I want to have.

Podcasts I want to record.

Friends I need to talk to.

My journal also helps me remember what’s important in my life.

I have 2 separate sections in my journal that I peek at every morning.



These 4 tips are golden.

If you’re on the road a lot.

Or you will be, keep these ideas in mind.

Sarena Hess

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