(Oct. 2019) I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.

October 2019 Bakersfield Life Magazine Page 46.

The theme for this month’s magazine is women. Being the host of the Women for Greatness Podcast over the past year and a half has taught me so much so I felt right at home. In this article I really wanted to talk about the balance between men and women in the spotlight and coming to places of power.

My favorite line from this article is:

I’m grateful that I have a place at the table. I’m grateful that I can vote, work, open a bank account, own property. I am grateful for the women before who have paved the way to create an equal playing field for me and for you. But I will not stop fighting to see women rise. I refuse to settle, refuse to quiet down and refuse to give up until women are equally represented in all aspects of life.


Thanks for reading and I hope you were encouraged. 


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