Chanté is a get stuff done type of personality and this episode will get you kicked into gear if you need to get things done in your life or business.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’ve ever considered starting a beauty/skincare brand
  • Have a love for instagram and using it as a tool.
  • Need to kick it into gear to be motivated.

In this episode Chaté talks about:

  • How she grew to 10k Instagram followers in less than a year and her best instagram tips.
  • Advice to using closed Facebook groups to grow your network and make new friends.
  • How she went from managing a sports bar, to selling yachts, to starting up her own business.

This episode was super fun to make and it was so inspiring talking with Chanté. if you have anymore questions please slide into her Dm’s. As mentioned, if you want to have her back on the show soon, let me know!

Until next week friends, keep on pursing greatness!


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