September 2019 Bakersfield Life Magazine Pages 44 – 45.

The theme for this month’s magazine was kids. As I mention in my article I’m not quiet there yet, but I’ve done a little bit of research and wanted to share what I learned along the way.

My favorite line from this article is:

You don’t have to become a superparent and never mess anything up ever. But be mindful if you do make a mistake and let your child know – own it. And tell them that you are trying to change as a human and become better. This teaches them that nobody is perfect and that even their mom is working on herself every single day. Your child will follow your footsteps in how you look at yourself in the mirror, in the way you treat your body. Be someone worth copying.

Visit the website below to read the full article.

Thanks for reading and I hope you were encouraged. 


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